For as long as I can remember, I’ve known I wanted to write. It’s been there like a quiet friend that decides to hang out with you indefinitely. Last month I bought a book on writing a book. Reading it has been really incredible, but the part that has struck me the most was the character development of your story. So to officially kick off this new season of my life, I am going to start writing my truth. With the intention to find purpose and reveal both the beauty and pain of it.

Spending so much time wondering how to develop characters, plots, intrigue; I finally realized that if I could just tell the truth there laid all the depth of story.  I was born second in a family full of intensity, depth, curiosity, beauty, pain, and courage. I realized that my sisters and I….. are my story. Or at least the beginning of it, but I can’t really get to anything else until I share our beautiful, crazy journey.

This is the true story of five sisters who were so different you could find a piece of yourself in all of them, or what you longed to be. The pursuer of enlightenment and knowledge, one who appreciates the beauty of simplicity and pleasure, the adventurer who sees the world through a different lens, one with no inhibitions and loves from the core, and the one actively pursuing life in all it’s emotion and experience and hasn’t learned the art of being still.  All on a quest to change the game. To change the world as she knows it.

Many of the ways life could break you have tried their hand at us- sometimes we were the participant,  more often times the victim. Sexual, physical and verbal abuse, drugs, alcohol, rejection, high school drops outs, mental illness, weight issues, rape, divorce, finances, running away, being kicked out, religion, death, depression, anxiety.

Not that we haven’t walked away from the individual or collective battles unscathed, in our survival is a story that begs to be told. For we are each other and not one exists fully without the other.

Before you start this journey with me, know that it’s still unfolding. I believe that in telling truth, light has the ability to find it’s way to you and others.  The coming story is tragic comedy at its best, and a testament to all the ways the human spirit can rise from the ashes. It’s actually magic.

What I have come to know is that we are the dark horses,. my sisters and I.

Powerful :: Intelligent:: Creative:: Unsuspecting::Warriors. For all the ways life had paved the way, each of us has blazed a new, uncharted trail. There is no playbook. Just a desire for truth and living our best lives.

What I didn’t know the day I was born was that the journey before me was filled with mountainous terrain, hurricanes at their finest, and women in all degrees. But if they had told me everything, that would have taken all of the fun out of it.

With Tenacious Hope,