26. It always felt like it would be important, and it was. I woke up this morning on the eve of my birthday and ran through a mental list of all the important things that happened this year, and teared up realizing how big of a year this actually was. I met 26 at the tail end of the hardest year of my life thus far, and kicked off 2013 intent on finding joy, loving people, and myself.

Moments, people, adventure and God make you. This last year was filled to the brim of all of those things. This last year of my life was game changing in ways I can never describe. The most important part of this past year has been my relationship with God and learning to trust in Him.  I walked into a divine romance with my Creator and it’s been a profound journey.

Top 10 of this past year:

  1. Coordinated a VIP experience for international delegation at MOVE:DC #superheroes
  2. Survived 2012
  3. Met one of my life best friends
  4. Found a book that changed my life and brought me back to God.
  5. Kicked off Whimsy 2013
  6. Got my dream job as the Event Director for the 2013 Fourth Estate Leadership Summit.
  7. Lived life intensely with 11 of the most incredible humans. Wolfpack, your impact literally is everything.
  8. Identified myself as a creative.
  9. Took a huge leap of faith and stepped away from Invisible Children after 2 1/2 years.
  10. Got my first tattoo. Kaio. ” To set on fire” ( it’s forever on my left wrist)

There were so many big questions, challenges, decisions, responsibilities and emotions this past year. But every move made me stronger, braver, and an active participant in the world around me.

This next year, as I journey through being 27, I hope to meet myself on the other side of it:

  • Having had purposeful quiet time
  • Pursuing a healthier/stronger me
  • Putting down roots in a city I am falling in love with.
  • Visited Nashville
  • Written more of my story
  • Loving people and the world around me extravagantly.

Goodbye, 26. It’s been beautiful, painful and full of adventure in all forms.

Hello 27.