Recently I read somewhere to “ Be Generous, Be Creative, Be Brave” and it has just taken hold of me. That and I am reading Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly, (which everyone should go buy right now! That woman speaks truth)  so my sassy, shake things up side is showing up, a side I actually quite love. It makes life interesting and adds some fire to my personal journey.

I want to propose something: That as woman, ultimately as an entire generation, we stop measuring ourselves against the invisible standard of all things we are doing on time, right, and what fits in our boxed expectations. At twenty-seven, I feel as though I am dead center of a race that has no winner.

Who are we in a race against?

You know the race I speak of. Love, Careers, Beauty, Education, Religion, Money, Marriage, Children, Sexuality,  Independence….everything we are told our worth is wrapped up in. This invisible gauge that no one has actually ever defined and seems to be forever changing, sets an impossible standard. If right now I was to take measure of my life, depending on whose standards I am judging myself by,  I would easily fall short or progressively ahead. Or that “terrifying” middle ground!

As I near my thirties I am very aware of the struggle that woman especially are facing daily, for I am right there with you. But. What if we stopped racing?  Stopped comparing. Of silently competing as a culture, as families, as friends and loved each other for who we are, where we are right now. What if we looked at each other and sincerely appreciated our loveliness, celebrated our extraordinary differences and wrapped each other in our sameness. I believe something fundamentally broken in our hearts and in our culture would start to heal.

Because I believe with my whole heart that if we are brave enough to live our most authentic lives, that true love will find you. The job you were created to do will grace your journey, and the dreams you’ve tucked away will be given life. This world needs us to be fully alive, and I believe we can only do that if are true to ourselves, our values and the people we love.

For the generation I am part of, let us work to recreate the standards of beauty, success and relationships- not only for our futures, but for the ones behind us and the ones yet to come. Let us live our most authentic lives and be true to who we are on this journey. Let’s continue to use the incredible access to knowledge and connectedness we are gifted with to change the world. To be more compassionate, more aware, more engaged than is comfortable. To the generation a step ahead, teach us what you’ve learned, tell us you believe in us, and  please believe in us enough to let us change the things that are broken.