“My capacity is greater than I believe. And I know without being told, that’s what love does when it’s right – it makes you more than you were, more than you thought you could be”

“ We can be mended, we mend each other”   [-Veronica Roth: Allegiant]


ImageTwo years ago, after experiencing a significant loss, I faced the darkness that had haunted me for a long time. It came to my doorstep in the form of grief in the wake of losing someone precious, but lingered in the form of memories and battle wounds from a tumultuous  childhood. Once that door opened there was no way it was being closed without walking through it for awhile. Thank the Lord, quite literally, for the friends that surrounded me that year and the precious gifts God bestowed upon me in that valley. I am overflowed with gratitude for the strength, though it was buried deep in the sadness, that called me out from that darkness with a powerful longing for the light.

I changed. After that season, there was something intricately different about my composition. My tolerance for bullshit was nonexistent, and my capacity for empathy was deeper than I had ever experienced. I understood pain in a way I had never been equipped to in the past.

Because I was ruined.

Ruined for a life cloaked in regret, of pain controlling my steps. I had given my best effort at wholeness, but can you ever truly be whole unless you let yourself feel every piece of the brokenness? Maybe. But I couldn’t.

I am so thankful for that season. [ Not in a hurry to repeat it anytime soon] But, I am thankful for it.

Since the journey of building Kaio has started, so many have asked what is the dream for it, the intention of it. I think about it everyday and the core of it is that my best friend and I believe in a generation who know their worth, value and purpose and have come fully alive.

A belief that if the hearts of the people in this generation are living out what they were created to do, the world changes. Because when we are walking in the light, there is a power not easily contained that can be the catalyst for some of the worlds greatest struggles to be mended, to be made whole.

I believe, because it’s my story– that love makes you more than you were, and more than you thought you could be. You see a capacity within yourself you never dreamed was there. A book titled “Mended” was a catalyst for my healing and ultimately for Kaio.

When I read the words by Veronica Roth “We can be mended, we mend each other”, I sat stunned. Like when you were sitting in algebra and the equation finally made sense. Because it’s all really so simple.

If we are willing to pursue a life rooted in love we will be mended, because we will mend each other. Love frees you to be braver than you ever imagined, to go farther than your feet would ever wander. It doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes, or fail, but stepping out in courage, pursuing wholeness, and just simply loving others opens up a piece of yourself that is just waiting for the chance to come alive.

Kaio is about building community, creating stories, designing experiences and connecting people around the heartbeat of discovering their purpose and living the life they were created for. In doing so, my dream is that people are mended.

To live their stories wholly and in the light. A new friend in Nashville told me this week, that this move is either incredible crazy or faithful. I am hoping it’s a beautiful mix of both.