Right now she is just a distant dream, something that pulls at my heart every once in a while. But, I’ve woken up several mornings in the past few months with a desire to write her a letter. There is something really lovely about preparing for someone, a piece of your heart yet to be fully discovered. So, though she is a very distant dream, I hope one day she will exist.

I hope that she never forgets that she’s part of a beautiful, important story. That her life is an adventure waiting to be stepped fully, wholly and bravely into. I hope she knows this world needs her.

I Hope She..

Dreams. Dreams that have no boundaries and make her feet wander deeper than ever imagined.

Trusts herself and the people around her. That she forgives easily.

Gets tattoos. If she wants them. .

Makes time to breathe. It’s so important.

Drinks lots of really good wine—and coffee.

Knows Jesus loves her. No matter where she’s at in the journey of figuring it all out.

Shakes the ground.

Loves– deeply and truly in all things.

Is gracious and looks out for the people who may get missed.

Believes greatness lies within her.

Takes the kiss, when the moment happens.

Never loses her wonder.

I hope she pushes the boundaries, lives life outside of the lines and in vibrant color.

The anticipation of her makes me brave. Even the very idea that she may exist one day, pushes me to live life all in. Completely and deeply pursuing becoming the fullest, most whole version of this woman I am. I hope she knows one day, that we are working to create a new, braver, more honest narrative in the world. One day, I hope I get to tell her about my Narnia.