Dear Mama’s,

Your life should be celebrated every day, but for this moment that we take to set you apart — let us revel in your journey.

My world has always been surrounded by strong, beautiful, courageous and complicated women. I was raised in the beauty, pain, strength, joy and adventure that comes hand in hand with being one.

Though I may not understand personally what it means to be a mother yet, let me tell you on behalf of your fellow sisters who aren’t, that you are Beloved. You are Celebrated.

We have witnessed the dreams you put on hold, held close to your heart or tucked away to be present for the sons and daughters in your midst. We have witnessed you cook, clean, work full time, wash, counsel, soothe aching hearts, dry tears, bandage wounds and show up for the dark/ bright moments and all the in- between.

For every task that no one will ever see in the quiet rhythm of day to day life, we applaud you.

For every moment you took to listen, proclaim value and worth — or to sing “Let It Go” with your little one(s) for the hundredth time….you win every Champion award.

Mama’s, thank you for the path you are forging of what it means to be wise, strong, and gracious. [Or how to not pull your hair out when shit hits the fan] Believe us, we’re paying attention.

Thank you for being a warrior in this life: for your family, friends and communities. Thank you for teaching us how to fall down, get back up, dust ourselves off and try again.

As fellow sisters in this journey we wish wonder for your life. For joy so vibrant that it radiates from every corner of your heart. .

We hope you find rest, or a minute to simply catch your breath, and drink a cup of coffee. [or a really good glass of wine]

To our mothers who have lost little ones, or distance has crept in between you and yours, or to the heart that so longs to be one… are Beloved. You are Celebrated.

Today, and everyday know you are deeply loved by a sisterhood that spans oceans, states, and grocery lines. More importantly, that we cherish your journey and know that life would not be the same without you and the magic that only you can bring.

Truly in awe.