Call this the year of letting the stars back in, the year of no mistakes -Anis Mojgani

ImageThis year has been one of the unexpected. Every thing that could pull me out of my comfort zone is high on the activity list these days.

I feel this constant state of anticipation, fear, gratefulness and doubt. Some days one or all of those emotions weight heavy, and I am thankful for all of them because I believe it means I am living.

Living in a way I never imagined.

Whether it is the pursuit of building a vision, planting roots or simply learning to live life fully alive, this season has been the most challenging, because I’ve stepped into the tension.

The tension that we so often steer clear of, or try to find a million other ways to ease or distract our self from. I know for most of my life I avoided it, until I realized that if I was to encounter my life, that stepping into the uncomfortable was vital. Trusting God enough to lean into that pull of your soul that is beckoning toward your purpose, and the life you were created for. The unknown so very real, and filled with a strange sort of joy and fear.

Choosing to live in the tension has exposed the beauty of what it means to simply exist. A humbling experience as I’ve learned of my strength, and deep inadequacy– but most importantly the effort it takes to show up for your life.

I’ve been researching the tension [compressional stress] that occurs in the earth right before an earthquake. It’s that tension that causes the ground to shake. Although, many of the everyday ‘compressional stressors’ are testing my grit, it has started to build this beautiful expectation of what is to come within me. A daily reminder to lean into the tension.

This last week the belief that we’re are all made of stars, so in essence are stardust, has come through music, spoken word and artistry. That stars are infinite and light carries on, endlessly.

What wonder, to think that we are part of that.

So, darling, I say we let the stars back in. Into our stories, and in our everyday. Because when you pursue the light and allow yourself to be changed by it, you can only be pulled deeper into the adventure of your life. Fully alive.

The process isn’t comfortable, but it’s important and I believe so very worth it.