This last weekend, my best friend and partner in KAIO Productions encouraged me to write my personal manifesto, as she was going to do the same. From that we would work on the one for KAIO. Taking time to sit down and put down in words how you intend to live this one life of yours, is both humbling and revealing. It feels as though there is now a force holding me accountable to every word–daring me to rise to the occasion.


Personal Manifesto 

I intend to live in the pursuit of loving others —  expansively and extravagantly. Because the breadth of love liberates and heals. It’s the most divine form of our souls coming alive. Through every painful experience, sense of despair, doubt or fear the power of loving has proven to be able to draw our light from the darkness.

It is more than a pursuit of love, but of being Him here. The Jesus I call Friend and Father is honest, brave, intentional, and the embodiment of heavenly love. In journeying with Him, you have the opportunity to experience a light that fills you from the very depths of your humanity. That very light and grace has changed my entire molecular composition.

In this lifetime my intent is to pursue seeing others capacity and claiming truth over their lives. To find ways to give safety and permission to dig deep into themselves and ask the most important questions. Of what they long for, hope for and dare to be. All the while challenging myself to ask those same questions.  Not only creating the space but to be an active participant in the building of environments that become catalysts for their purpose to become reality.

To live an uncomfortable life. Challenging myself to always step outside of the boundaries I draw for myself, or ones others will project onto me.

Creating experiences that meet people in the divine, every moment crafted to speak of His intention. To have the courage to always go where He leads me, deeper than my feet would ever wander on their own.

Keeping my eyes fixed on my Jesus, knowing that within my own will exists vast insufficiency.  Knowing that if I am brave enough to follow where He leads me that life is destined to be more beautiful, wonder-filled, and full-filling than any dream I could ever design. Even in the hardships that will inevitably find their way into the narrative.

I promise to warrior. For the forgotten, stifled, hopeless, unloved, ashamed, and fearful. Through written word, experience and everyday life–showing up for the important and mundane. To be steadfast in the battle, unwavering in the relentless effort of supporting our generation finding their purpose and coming fully alive. Sharing the parts of me that believe in each person’s beauty and loving them wholly right where they are. To sit in the silence when its right, and dance when it’s both heavy and light.

To fight the darkness in whatever form it chooses to take—rooting myself in the truth of my existence and purpose. Even when that darkness comes from my own self. Giving, creating, loving from my healed places and not of the broken ones.

Thoughtfully crafting hospitality and inviting others into my life. Instilling a sense of home and building community that’s roots go deeper than bloodlines. Giving for the sake of blessing and never for strategy or ego.

Always making the time to sit in wonder at the colored filled sky,  rise early to lean into the sacred quiet places, and always – always look for magic.