At every turn it seems there is only darkness, loss, hatred and drawn lines. It can be so daunting, debilitating that even ones who want to act feel so unsteady it’s hard to find balance. In the span of a few weeks we’ve encountered local and global devastation – and those are only the ones we know about – because they trended on Twitter or headlined news coverage. Even then it’s as though everyone is trying to yell louder.

If we look at the impact of darkness one could say it’s winning. I’ve been traveling most of this past month, and that itself was a personal sojourn that I am still working to carve space to understand. Yet, when there were quiet moments my mind immediately went to the loss and people in need around the world. It takes my breath away and my heart is so weary, as I am sure yours is as well. How can it not when just last month I attended a beautiful twelve year- old girl’s funeral, because she had hung herself and died by suicide. Or as we watched the city of lights reel from devastating attacks, and hear how a center that supported development disabled was also under attack.  Lost lives. Senseless violence. Broken hearts.

It’s enough to want to turn off every avenue to social media and the news. What do you do? How do you help? Can it ever get better? Are we too far gone? The thoughts fly through my mind, and then the Holy Spirit gently pulls me away from thoughts of defeat. Reminding me that light and goodness will always be greater than the darkness. That Jesus has already won these battles, and though the suffering is great – we have been purposed for such a time as this. My heart cries We are so weary. I feel the resolute response Yes, but I have already overcome.  I need you to be light, I need you to be love. I need you to act.

I found myself in meetings during these last few weeks that made mobilizing a movement for good  – real. As the stories of war, loss, rape, suicide, ( I could go on and on) unfold – the realization that there is no collective, cohesive movement for good occuring in the world to not only match but supercede the darkness. There are infinite efforts taking place by so many on the ground locally and globally, imagine what could happen if those efforts were to come together. It would be a force so extraordinary it would move mountains. I believe The Church is called to be that. Regardless of what you call God or who you worship – if you believe in peace, light and love – then it’s on us. We have been placed in the story of humanity at this time because there is something that each of us is uniquely created for. I pray we get low and quiet, lean into where we can put our hands to work.

Waking this morning, the words – Weary the world rejoices  played over and over in my mind. There is power in acknowledging your weariness, but what matters is what you do afterwards.

What is facing our world today is not a national issue, political party debate, religious sect or cultural difference. It’s a human issue, a humanity crisis. Beyond time to step outside of the drawn lines, outside of ourselves. To step up and into where you can give, volunteer, rally, pray, act, and love.

Weary world, rejoice. Take heart and courage.